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I met an extraordinary young lady recently at a fundraiser held at the home of my friend. Her name is Bibiana. She is 17-years-old and was born in Tanzania. In her country, there are witch doctors who believe albinos possess magical powers. When she was only 9-years-old, some men broke into Bibiana's house where she and her sister were sleeping. The next thing that happened was simply horrendous. While one of the men held Bibiana down, the other cut off her leg and part of her fingers presumably to use in some potion or ritual that they believed would give them the powers they felt albinos possessed. They were also after Bibiana's sister but, the screams woke others in the house and the men fled. 

Bibiana survived that attack but, other albinos in Tanzania aren't so lucky. Bibiana was flown to the United States to be fitted for a prosthesis courtesy of the organization, African Millennium Foundation. They are doing amazing work helping Albinos and educating people about how they are mistreated in their homeland. Hope you can check out the work they are doing. ~Shaun



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