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Your Goals are Your Own

If you follow me on social media, you know that I love to share inspirational quotes with my friends. I get these quotes from all different sources - my mom, from the gazillion inspirational books that I have, various social media sites and many times they will just pop into my head.

I just came across one that I thought was very cool and wanted to share with you. It is attributed to "Zero Dean" and I think it has a great message that will resonate with anybody who struggles to achieve their goals but, who gets frustrated along the way.

"Never give up on what you desire in life just because someone else appears to a have an easier time getting what they desire or is making progress more quickly than you are. 

Remind yourself as necessary, that life is not a competition and that some people will always make progress more quickly than others. That's life.

But, your life, your circumstances and your goals are your own.  Don't let the simple fact that others are working on and achieving their goals deter you from working on and achieving your own."

Isn't that powerful? When I read it, I thought that it was a great message because, let's face it...we often measure our success based on what others have and how quickly they got it. But, the author of that message is is not a race. At the end of the day, when we look over our life, it's not going to be about whether someone else got more. THEIR success has nothing to do with you at all. Keep focused. Keep working hard and keep your eye on YOUR prize.

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