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Dad’s Detroit Crew

You guys know how close I was to my daddy. Well, Dad had some great friends in Detroit and whenever I am back in the city, they have a get-together in Dad’s name to celebrate him. The party is usually at the home of Pam (in the red glasses) and Clyde (one of his jazz buddies), Rochel (with the scarf around her neck) use to hang with Dad and have these brilliant philosophical discussions, Barbara, (with the twists) called Dad her “brother”. Even Mom came to hang out. Being around this “family” makes me feel so close to my father. I can feel his spirit. 🙏🏾


Pam - Hostess with the Mostest


Rochel - Dad’s “Sis” 


Barbara - Dad’s other “Sis” 


Party at the Home of Pam and Clyde


Mom was one of Dad’s closest friends


Pam and Clyde have these pics of my dad in their study. The one on the right is from our dual birthday party and the one one the left is Dad having a laugh with his friend Donald. (I love that one sooo much. What were they laughing about?) 

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