Shaun Robinson

TV Host • Author • Producer • Motown Gal

A Moment with Hillary

It's a snapshot that I won't soon forget. I had interviewed Hillary Clinton in the past so, being in her presence wasn't something that I had never experienced. But, this time was different. Our country was different. And, both she and I were different.  This was the first time she was giving a speech since the election and it was before the Girls Inc. audience that had gathered for their annual NY fundraiser. I, as an honoree for Girls Inc. for my philanthropic work with girls, got to be one of the lucky ones to take a picture with her backstage before she went on. There we were, both in our red, for just a moment. She told me to keep up the "good fight" and I told her that she inspired me to do so. It was just a moment but, one that I will remember forever. 



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