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Alayjah's Miracle

Our family had a a true miracle this past week. My 10-year-old niece, Alayjah, (on the right) had been experiencing tramatic seizures for several months. An MRI revealed that she had a cyst on her brain. Doctors put her on medication hoping that it would alleviate the seizures. Two weeks ago, my mother called me early in the morning (which is never a good sign) and said that Alayjah had been rushed to the hospital. During the night, she had a seizure, vomited and stopped breathing. A mother's instinct. Her mother JUST HAPPENED to go upstairs to check on her and found her non-responsive. She called the ambulance, and when they got her to the hospital, doctors worked to revive her. Alayjah was put on a ventilator. Our family is deeply religious so we began our prayer circles - we had everyone we knew lifting Alayjah up in prayer. Slowly she was able to breathe on her own. A week later, doctors cut open her skull, took out a bone, cut out the cyst, put the bone back, and put the piece of skull back. The NEXT day, Alayjay was up walking, talking and texting. Three days later, she was back at home, a little grumpy due to a headache but , miraculously alive and no brain damage. God is good. It was such a trying time for our family. There were moments of doubt, there was certainly lots of crying. But, through it all, we were witness to a true MIRACLE.


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