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Our Cast Party

This was the first time ever that I have been a part of a cast on a drama series. We held our “live tweet” party at The London Hotel West Hollywood. We all watched the premiere episode of ‘Games People Play’ and had our “tweetfest” during all the juicy parts - which were A LOT!  



Our billboard is so 🔥! 


Sarunas Jackson and Tracey Edmonds  


Jackie Long and Kendall Kyndall


Parker Posey McKenna and Vanessa Simmons


Karen Obilum  


Connie Orlando


Kenesha Hemmings  


Rose Catherine Pinkney


Photo booth


Today’s the day! ‘Games People Play’ premieres tonight on BET at 10pm! You’re going to love this show! It’s fun, sexy, hot...and I get to be part of this talented cast! Can’t wait for you to see! #KrisKensington


What does BOSS mean to you?

 “Certitude: freedom from doubt, especially in matters of faith and opinion”. Throughout my life, there have been those who have told me that my dreams were too big - that I couldn’t accomplish something because I was just a “little, black girl from Detroit.” And, there were certainly times I wondered myself. But, God blessed me with parents and grandparents who taught me to break free of opinions of others and instilled in me a strong sense of faith that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to.What does BOSS mean to you? Join the movement! Make your own post on how you are a BOSS. Happy to be a part of this campaign by the American Cancer Society! Thank you to my friend Simone Smith who beat cancer like a BOSS! 


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