Shaun Robinson

TV Host • Author • Producer • Motown Gal

90 Day Fiance

Oh, it is the guilty pleasure for millions! ‘90 Day Fiance’  is TLC’s most popular show. Here is a picture of me on the New York set hosting the latest reunion show and there were so many surprises! My mother has been trying to get the scoop out of me but, my lips are sealed! 


24 Hours with Yours Truly!

There is no doubt that my life has gotten busier since I left my job as host of Access Hollywood after 16 years. I am executive producing television shows, I just optioned the film and TV rights to two novels, I am hosting television specials, I am writing my second book and I launched my passion project - the S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls. DuJour Magazine followed me for a day to get a glimpse into "Life with Shaun Robinson". Check it out!



Sisters on the Beach

You all know how important family is to me. I have lived in eight cities since I left my hometown Detroit so, being connected to family gives me a since of stability. Let me introduce you to my sister-in-law, Carolyn, who lives in Atlanta. She is my hanging buddy! We have traveled the world together - Paris, London, Geneva, Munich - all over the globe! This past weekend, she came to visit me for a few days here in Los Angeles. We had a packed schedule. We kicked off our day going to church and then, we hit the beach. Blessed!


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